This section looks at the tools that are being used on this study.  They are grouped into the following sub-sets:

  • Communication: those used to communicate the study to others
  • Data Management: the tools used to gather, analyse and assess the data
  • Reporting: the tools used to record the output of the study

[This section currently is a brief summary and needs further work to give the reasons for the choices and examples of how the tools are used.]


Data Management

  • Tree management: The Master Genealogist
  • Data management: Microsoft Excel for data subsets, MS Access and SQLserver for the main data set. [I also use Custodian for specific tasks.]
  • Mapping: Just started
  • Multi-media management: Just started - looking at how to manage audio, video, scanned images, etc, etc.
  • Synthesis: to assist in the deriving of family trees from raw data.


  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PDF
Web Design
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