World War 1 Naval Battles

Naval Battles

There were numerous naval battles in the First World War - from engagements between minor warships to the large fleet engagement at Jutland.  This section lists some of the significant ones, but will cover any other where casualties with the name GRAY or GREY occurred.

CORONEL 1 November 1914

FALKLANDS 8 December 1914

DARDANELLES 19 February 1915–18 March 1915

JUTLAND - 31 May / 1 June 1916


Rank / Rate


GRAY, John


HMS Indefatigable, 2nd Battle Cruiser Squadron

GRAY, Alfred H E,

Officer's Cook 1c, L 3201 (Po)

HMS Tipparary, 4th Destroyer Flotilla

GRAY, John

Stoker 1c (RFR B 6852), SS 108739 (Po)

HMS Broke, 4th Destroyer Flotilla

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